This collection of newly released tracks features Scott Brown [Piano / bass / assorted keyboard gadgetry] along with Dave Schlossberg [Drums / percussion / guitar madness] and are now available to the public for the first time EVER!


Also spotted making their way in and out of the

Far Out Exchange fusion laboratory were:


Maia Banks [Lead and backing Vocals]

Mark Johnson [Piping Hot Saxophone]

Max McKee [4WD Lo Guitar]

Paul Wickliffe [Mix Master]

The FAR OUT EXCHANGE is a melodious realm where Scott Brown and Dave Schlossberg create, record, and produce music  — deep underground — at the aptly named Far Out Exchange fusion laboratory.


Early reports of funky rumblings have now been confirmed! The evidentiary grooves-in-question have been captured on the new self-titled album “Far Out Exchange.”

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